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Friday, October 11, 2019

Week of: Oct. Oct 14 - 18

Oct 18: No CTTF Coaching (Group B) - District Inservice Day

Oct 25: CTTF Coaching (Group C)

Oct 28-31: Tech Support in the Fab Lab

Nov 1: Block Coding Epic Build Showcase

Nov 8: Cycle 2 PD Part 1

Nov 15: Cycle 2 PD Part 2

Nov 18: Begin Cycle 2 Classroom Instruction

Mark This Down!

Last Week (Oct. 7 - 11)

  • Kindergarten
    • Week 5:  Epic Build Part 1 - SWBAT create a new Scratch project called my Name and spell their first name using letter sprites.
      • Sample Projects:
      • Support Video: Sprites
  • First Grade
    • Week 6: Facts Sharing Sprite & Debugging - SWBAT program sprites to show facts when clicked & debug and improve a project.
  • Second Grade
  • Third Grade
    • Week 6: Lag Effect & Debugging - SWBAT use logic statements to slow a sprite and debug a partner
  •  Fourth Grade
    • Week 6: Winning the Game - SWBAT learn how to use variables to make a counter
  • Fifth Grade

      This Week (Oct. 14 - 18)

      • Kindergarten
        • Week 6:  Debug and Prepare - SWBAT test and debug their programs and create paper models to explain about their program.
          • Sample Projects: N/A
          • Support Video: N/A
      • First Grade
        • Week 7: Showcase - SWBAT apply computer science vocabulary to their presentation.
          • Sample Project: N/A
          • Support Video: N/A
      • Second Grade
        • Week 7: Showcase - SWBAT reflect on their Epic Build and demonstrate their learning by presenting.
          • Sample Project: N/A 
          • Support Video: N/A
      • Third Grade
        • Week 7: Showcase -SWBAT reflect on their Epic Build and demonstrate their learning by presenting.
          • Sample Project: N/A
          • Support Video: N/A
      •  Fourth Grade
        • Week 7: Winning the Game - SWBAT learn how to use variables to make a counter
      • Fifth Grade
      What's Next

      The Lab will be finishing up Beginner Epic Build Projects for Cycle 1. Following the completion of these projects, the lab will support integration projects. Students will have additional time each week to work on their Classroom Epic Build Projects.

      Last Week (Oct. 7 - 11)

        • Mid Cycle Feedback
          • Please complete this survey if you have not yet done so. Your input is important to help me improve communication and support. 
        • Coaching with Campbell
          • Thanks to Group A for working with our coach on Friday. 
          • I hope watching Mrs. Campbell model lessons has been helpful.
          • Don't forget to email her if you have and questions or want her input on an idea.
        • Teaching Week 4 of Classroom Computer Science Integration
          • One big thing that I have learned from my participation is that having a 2nd person in the room is very helpful as we get started. Please try to book me so I can help with management issues.
          • Please check that students are talking the time to name backdrops, sprites, and programs as you go. Things will start to get more complex in the coming weeks, and if students aren't careful they will start to get confused.
          • Also, make sure students know they are adding to their Epic Build projects each week. They should not be making changes unless you have told them to do so. 
        • Extra Support Materials
          • I made Code Cards for every grade and lesson in Cycle 1. Access your Code Cards Here. They are designed to summarize each weeks new commands, and should be shared with students. They should keep their cards in a folder of some sort. This will help them in the long run to better recall our coding instruction
          • There are also Starter Projects for each grade level. Please only use these when a students is struggling.
          • I made some resources to help teachers establish student leaders as Tech Support to help students that need help. This may help give you an extra set of hands. Here is a video that explains things for teachers and students. Here is a printable class poster. Here are badges you can print and give to students. Here is a Tech Support form you can use. Here is a link to the presentation that I shared in the video.

          This Week (Oct 14-18)

          • Classroom Integration Moves into Week 5
            • Make sure to begin teaching the 5th week of your grade level Computer Science Integration plan. Every teach should begin including 60 minutes of integrated instruction this week. 
            • The next few weeks will be critical. The students will be learning lots as they build their projects. If you are feeling stuck, be sure to watch the videos that align with the beginner unit. I have them listed each week in this blog.
            • Look for your grade level's planning below if you have questions 
          • No Coaching this Friday
            • Our school's CTTF coach, Jacqueline Campbell, will NOT be coming to Group B this Friday, Oct. 18 due to our District Wide Professional Development.
            • If you are in Group B and are in need of any support because of this change, please reach out and I will be sure to give your class priority. 
          • Review the Loop
            • Take some time to look over the Lesson 6 in the Loop before the end of the week. Go ahead and get an early start on the next lesson.
            • CTTF Coaching Group C will meet
              • If you are in coaching group C, plan to have your students working on week 4 or 5 of the integration module. See above for topics that apply to your grade. 
              • Remember:  The purpose of the Code To The Future Coach at the beginning is to model the lessons for you, so Mrs. Campbell will be introducing the lessons for teachers this week.

            Coming Up

              • Week 6 Begins on  Oct. 21
              • Tech Support in the Fab Lab
                • From Oct 28-31 we will be offering school-wide Tech Support to students who need extra help finishing their Epic Builds. Here is a copy of the schedule. More information to come!
              • Cycle 2 PD will take place on Nov. 8 & 15
                • Teachers will get training on the above dates as we get ready to start our 2nd Epic Build Cycle. Here is a schedule for training on those days.

              Related Arts: Please use any of the above to help bring computer science into your classes as you are able.

              Use the article below to help you lead discussions about the emerging technology



              'Alexa, are you invading my privacy?' – the dark side of our voice assistants

              By Dorian Lynskey|Oct. 9th, 2019

              One day in 2017, Alexa went rogue. When Martin Josephson, who lives in London, came home from work, he heard his Amazon Echo Dot voice assistant spitting out fragmentary commands, seemingly based on his previous interactions with the device. It appeared to be regurgitating requests to book train tickets for journeys he had already taken and to record TV shows that he had already watched. Josephson had not said the wake word – “Alexa” – to activate it and nothing he said would stop it. It was, he says, “Kafkaesque”.
              This was especially interesting because Josephson (not his real name) was a former Amazon employee. Three years earlier, he had volunteered to sit in a room reciting a string of apparently meaningless phrases into a microphone for an undisclosed purpose. Only when Amazon released the Echo in the US in 2014 did he realise what he had been working on. He bought a Dot, the Echo’s cheaper, smaller model, after it launched in 2016, and found it useful enough until the day it went haywire. When the Dot’s outburst subsided, he unplugged it and deposited it in the bin. “I felt a bit foolish,” he says. “Having worked at Amazon, and having seen how they used people’s data, I knew I couldn’t trust them.”


              The Innovation Challenge is a state-wide challenge for 4K-12th grade teachers and 3rd-12th grade students. Your mission is to create a project that uses technology to solve a problem in school, the community or South Carolina.
              Our online application is open from October through February and is free to enter. The awards event is held every March for project finalists.

              Important Dates

              For the month of October please try to discuss the following computer science career field.

              This video offers an explanation of the career.

              Share this website with students to read about how to become one.

              Image result for coding memes

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